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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spiritual Gifts From the Throne of God

It's time for Spiritual Gifts. The world is awakening, to all that's near.  Heaven come home, I wait real still.  Now I seek the heart of Gold.  Now I claim the mighty throne.  It's a heart, that finds a home, where my love does share and roam.  Come my darling, bring your heart home, when I see you smiling on your throne.  It's the place, I see in dreams. It's a heart, that longs to keep is sweet.  But if we choose, to love this world, then we can offer and place to stead.  We are standing, for what is right, the heart mighty, like God that rides.  Over temples and rolling hills, there is a stream, we do not hear, but it's like the winds, inside, where my heart grumbles and even hides.  But I know, if I choose love, then I will be a heart that makes a gentle home, where peace is known.  It's a place, we dream of, and it's a throne.  

Kingdoms come and kingdoms go, but in God's heart, that's pure as Gold, we do know, it's just a ride, traveling over, the solemn hide (proud of temples, buffalo home, sacred four directions in our tools of rainbow colored lights).  Now, I must go and part with you, but do realize, I have the key, that will open any gate, where gardens are pure and delight does reign. Come and give me a kiss today.  There I will walk to another place, but my heart, will never part, because we are a cherished heart (never apart).  My beloved, you reign the throne, because you always choose God (oneness) above (all other).  There are steeples, that seek and spin, to witness, your glorious grin.  Come my darling don't forget we ride.  It's time to move along, to find a new tried (tribe), because kingdoms come and go and but God is forever, you do know.  Follow, me with divinity.  Follow me worship thee (oneness).  Follow me, where hearts do flow, because I know, the humble glow!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy